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KST-H Counterflow, bottle type, high temperature cooling tower
KST-H Counterflow, bottle type, high temperature cooling tower

KST-H Super High Temperature Bottle Type Cooling Tower

■ Features:
   1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
   2. With high pressure treated wood fill and other high temperature parts

■ Capacity range:
   Available in 17 standard models with capacities from 80 to 1250 nominal tons

■ Applicable for:
   Processing, heat exchanging and other industrial applications

■ Benefits:
   1. Good for handling very high temperature applications-up to 99℃
   2. Good for dealing with very dirty water applications, such as wastewater & paper mill water
   3. Low installation cost
   4. Low energy consumption
   5. Easy maintenance
   6. Long service life 

Excellent heat exchange effect:
The shape of Cooling Tower body, the arrangement of fan, air discharge stack and fill are all designed according to hydrodynamics and waterdrops principle to achieve excellent heat exchange effect.

Designed and built to meet construction site requirements:
Designed with construction site environment, equipment and system structure in mind, Cooling Towers are built to provide ultimate cost and operating efficiency.

Specially treated wooden fill:
Fill is made of high quality lumber and is specially treated to provide durable use despite high temperatures, make it easy to clean, prevent clogging and enable superior cooling effect.

F.R.P. Tower body:
The Tower body is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics which provides excellent structural support, prevents rust, corrosion and structural changes, enabling maintenance-free operation.

Hot dip galvanized hardware:
Motor support, fan guard, stand pipe, fill support, casing support and tower support stand are all hot dip galvanized components. They are durable and rust retardative.

S: Out let.    De: In let.    O: Over flow.    Dr: Drain.    Ba: Automatic filler.    Q: Quick filler.

Note:The KSTH model numbers just indicates the dimension of the cooling towers. It doesn’t indicate the
performance or tonnage of the cooling towers. The selection or sizing of KSTH cooling towers should only be
done by our engineers according to each individual client’s design condition to select an optimal model.
Please do not select by yourself to avoid sizing error.